NEWS Fall 2017:

10/24/17 Our work on the stable isotopic composition of specific compounds in deep-sea corals is out:!  Congrats to our former postdoc Kelton McMahon – now at URI ( – for leading this study.

8/23/17 Come work in sunny California. The Keck Science Department and Pomona Colleges of the Claremont Colleges are hiring an instrument technician:

8/14/17 It’s time for the Goldschmidt Conference in Paris. Branwen and Dr. Eleni Anagnostou, our former postdoc, present their work on coralline algae skeletal geochemistry.

7/27/17 The LUCE Foundation is supporting our novel approach to quantifying land use change and nutrient cycling within a culture context in SE Asia:

7/21/17 The newest NOAA Deep-sea coral report is out:

6/19/17 Branwen was at Northeastern University visiting with collaborator Justin Ries (

6/6/17 We’ve published on Labrador Sea variability in Nature Communications:!  Congrats to Phoebe Chan for leading this study.