NEWS Winter 2018

5/10/18 National Geographic is supporting our work with Thai colleagues on carbon storage in mangroves.

2/23/18 Maine Sea Grant has funded our work to establish historical baselines of seawater chemistry in Gulf of Maine waters.

2/17/18 Branwen presented a short plenary at the 4th OA PI Meeting. Details found here:

2/12/18 – 2/16/18 It’s the Ocean Sciences Meeting!  Come see our session OC41A: Changing Ocean Biogeochemistry in a High CO2 World: Observations Across Time and Space.  Posters are Wednesday 4 – 6 pm and Talks are Thursday 8 – 10 am in Oregon Ballroom 203.  We are presenting our recent results measuring the impact of Arctic environmental change on the skeleton of coralline algae.

TEDx small


2/2/18 Branwen gave a TEDx talk on the future of the Arctic Ocean. She discussed how ocean acidification and warming temperatures might impact a plant that grows in the Arctic Ocean under winter sea ice.


1/15/18 Skeletal heterogeneity in proteinaceous corals impacts geochemical reconstructions:  see our new paper in Chemical Geology: